Indica Monroe – Indica Monroe Gets JAXed by 10in BBC Jax Slayher

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In this Captured Episode Indica Monroe gets Street JAXed. Indica is caught ‘lacking’ as the talks to her girl friend on the phone walking in the neighborhood about all the money she has been coming into. However; her friend doesn’t know Indica was stealing it from the LA Syndicate. Well, one of their main collectors Jax Slayher ran up on her and grabbed her and enticed her to get into the back of the trunk (so to speak). She was taken to the penthouse deck of BOSS “Mr. Marsellus Flourish”…

She was told at gunpoint that she was caught on camera stealing from the organization. She had a choice to be taken to the kennels #pulpfiction or work off her debt. She decided SEX was the way to get out of the $20,000 hole she stole. Marsellus instructed Jax to go hard on her in the bedroom in which he did. Started with some feirce face fucking, then doggy in the den. He then sat on the couch and she rode him Cowgirl as if he was the last dick on earth. He then took Indica to the bedroom and ate her out a bit before going back inside her. She was very orgasmic. A steamy shower session was a highlight next, then some bedroom action before she swallowed his huge load.


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