Julz Gotti – I Know Some Things This Intern Can Help Me With..

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Julz just started classes this semester and she’s liking the way her schedule turned out! No classes before noon, no classes on Friday, mostly easy professors….it’s lit!

Julz can’t believe her good luck, especially since she registered so late! Her counselor told her that she was going to need to pass all these classes to graduate on time since she messed up last semester…

Now her schedule isn’t completely 5 stars…there’s this random internship that she was assigned…apparently some alum from the school has a film company and she got assigned to help him out.

Film isn’t what she’s studying…but it was the only class left that would fill her graduation requirements…so she’ll take it! Julz doesn’t have a choice really. If she doesn’t get her credit papers signed at the end of every week for the next couple of months then she doesn’t graduate. It’s that simple.

But hey. It could be worse. The rest of her classes are calm and relaxing. Julz hopes the internship will be too.


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