Big Booty Breyana Moore Fucks John Long

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This women here is one of the most sexual and sensual female I have met in a long time. It just oozes out of her skin. Her name is Breyana Moore. The way she talks to me is just so seductive and sensual, she had me in a trance. I was ready to marry her fine ass until I heard no prenuptial. I could never handle someone like her. This women is a straight beast..The dick slayer of Miami. She one of them females that needs a good Dick down 4-5 times/day. She 30 yr old, but she don’t look or act it. She has a phat, big ole booty and a beautiful body, face and she got the energy of an 18yr old marathon runner. I had to bring in someone that can handle her. He’s new to thehabibshow, his name is John Long. I looked at him and was worried for a second cause he was soo skinny. He must weight about a 110lbs but I seen how confident he was with her. There was this instant connection with them. They both were feeling each other out. She was trying to get him to bust his nut from the head but he wasn’t having that. Her dick sucking skills are crazy. She was slobbering and sucking like the savage she is. All the spit was dripping all over her body; it was beautiful, like watching art being created. That he started fucking her big booty in every position. Her ass would wobble and jiggle like jello when he would be fucking her from the back, front and side. I was like damm, he aint playing. John was killing the pussy and she was loving it. He tamed this beast and put her in check. Lol, He did it for the Skinny Ni$$as. This one hour long black on black porn video was straight fire. You all going to love this porn video.

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