Carmen Hayes – Bar Pick-Ups Come In Handy

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We called Carmen Hayes a flexible flyer because of the way she can hyper-flex her legs in the hottest fuck-me positions. Carmen is being hit on at a bar and she’s annoyed. “You can’t even handle me,” she tells the horny dude trying to get into her panties. Carmen tells him that he has no chance. He persists. She snubs him. Carmen says that he could never get past her hands and huge tits and that he’d blow his load way before he got around to fucking her. The barfly makes a deal with Carmen…

If he can’t control himself and nuts before he can fuck her, he’ll buy her a diamond necklace. Carmen tries to get rid of him but he’s pushy. Carmen decides to take the bet. She knows she can make a guy blow his load fast just with a hand job and tit-fuck. They go to his room. Carmen teases and taunts him by posing on the bed and then gets to breast-working his dick. A fool and his money, and his cum, are soon parted, as he finds out.


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