Leya Falcon & Porsha Carrera – Big Butt Xmas Gift

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In walks Leya &… What is this!? Oh & what is this, a larger brown dildo! And what is this, a huge purple, curved shaped monster dildo… tastes pretty good. And… what’s this a small santa with a little pointy hat for sticking up my asshole? AND WHAT IS THIS!? A nice big booty, pointing skyward! Is this booty for me? Then Porsha Carrera spoke up, IT’S MY BUTT! she replied. Oh my it’s so big, round & pretty! This big butt is my xmas gift? Awesome, I’m going to un-wrap it, it’s everything I always wanted! I’m really hungry so I’m going to feast on this xmas big butt, right now! Then maybe, I’ll use these Xmas toys on Porsha Carrera! Maybe she will even return the favor, as I have a big beautiful Xmas gift for her too! Maybe Porsha can make me squirt?! In the end I would like Santa’s pointy little hat up my asshole, that will make my Xmas absolutely complete!


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