Mia Dior – Lucky Roommate

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Milan creeps up to his roommates Mia’s door to watch her play with her pussy. Mia has great tits and a huge ass, who’s to blame him? Unfortunately, he gets caught red-handed and Mia orders him to come inside the room. Milan repeats that it will never happen again but Mia demands him to take his towel off so they can get over it. After a bit of convincing, Milan takes his towel off and Mia gives him a sloppy blowjob. Things get heated when they get on the bed and that’s when the real fun begins. Mia gets fucked by Milan so hard you can hear her cum many times. Watch Mia’s tits bounce up and down, her ass get slapped really hard, and wait until the end when she gets covered with hot jizz.


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